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The Veggie Power

Mis à jour : 9 août 2019

Juice Detox: Day One (10am and 7pm)

I was already pretty hungry early this morning, so The Veggie Power was just amazing. It contains avocado, which makes the juice a richer and creamier so it's nice and filling!


  • Golden Delicious or Gala Apple, 2

  • Spinach leaves, a large handful

  • Kale, a large handful

  • Lemon, ½

  • Celery, ½ stalk

  • Cucumber, ¼

  • Broccoli Stem, 2-3cm

  • Avocado, ½


Chop the ingredients in little chunks. Juice all the ingredients, except the avocado.

Pour the juice in the blender with the avocado and blend until smooth

The health benefits of the Veggie Power

It’s a powerhouse of pure green nutrition with the combination of spinach, kale and broccoli. It’s rich in chlorophyll and essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and natural sugars. It’s pure greatness! 

Source: Jason Vale’s five-day juice detox

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