Summer already seems so long ago, we all got caught up in work and our routine. What about taking two hours to find some peace and quiet amidst the turmoil of September (and the past few months) ?


Why don’t you let me guide you through a two-hour workshop that will give you the tools to beat stress and ease into relaxation whenever you need to. Two hours for yourself, two hours to take care of your body & your mind.


* Breathing techniques (the best way to balance the nervous system)

* Restorative Yoga / Yin Yoga (very slow & super gentle yoga, mostly on the floor – no experience required)

* Yoga Nidra meditation (a guided meditation that will take you to a state between sleeping and waking, where you can achieve the deepest state of relaxation that’s ever possible. It’s a beautiful practice that will leave you floating on a cloud.


Practical details: 

* Bring a comfortable outfit, a yoga mat, a pillow/cushion and a blanket.

* Price: €15 (cash only)

* Location: Espace Catastrophe / Salle 'Amaleikum', Rue de la Glacière 18 - 1060 St Gilles.

Send me a message for more information and to book your spot!